Royal FrieslandCampina (RFC)

Logo Friesland-CampinaRoyal FrieslandCampina (RFC) is a large international dairy company with activities in Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.To enable farmers to improve their farming skills and increase the quantity and quality of milk supplies in Southeast Asia and Africa, RFC has set up a Dairy Development Programme (DDP), available at:  2018 DDP one pager Eng

Part of this is the Farmer2Farmer programme that is introduced in this video: RFC is interested in assessing the effectiveness of its dairy business models in Southeast Asia and a very active and innovative dairy development partner in Indonesia as you can see in:  and

pasfoto s.s.u.attema_0001
Sybren Attema

Regional Manager DDP-RFC

Femke de Jong FemkeDeJong

Projectmanager DDP-RFC