Output, Activities & Collaborations

1. Research uptake


BROCHURE (2018, forthcoming)

Policy Brief

TWINE, Edgar E., Amos OMORE and Julius GITHINJI (2017) Uncertainty in smallholder milk production in Tanzania: implications for investment, CGIAR, Research program on Livestock.

Available at: Edgar Twine Livestock_brief3

key Messages

In Tanzania, cattle are considered the most economically and socially important type of livestock.
 Uncertainty and risk associated with livestock keeping are major concerns, particularly in the dairy industry—as the industry has significant potential to reduce poverty, improve nutrition and foster inclusive development in Tanzania.
 Existing and prospective dairy farm managers need to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills in animal husbandry to adequately address production-related risks.
 Dairy farm managers need to ensure they are feed self-sufficient. This could be achieved by allocating enough land to produce fodder, including maize specifically for maize bran.
 Dairy enterprises would benefit from diversifying their income sources to help them cope with sudden changes in the market.
 Dairy farm managers should adopt flexible approaches to decision making. This requires they have access to market information and knowledge of the implications of alternative production decisions.
 Attaining inclusive dairy industry development will necessitate the Tanzanian government recognize that the impacts of uncertainty vary by the gender of the producer and type of value chain.

Policy Brief

WIJERS, Gea (2018, forthcoming)

Available at:


2. Activities

Kick off meeting (February 2016)

 In February 2016 we organized a Kick off meeting on the Wageningen University & Research campus.

All LIQUID partners and researchers participated in a joint effort to structure and plan the main program elements for the 5 years to come. Also, a PhD course on aspects of dairy development was offered at the WUR.

Updates and Progress meetings

20 June 2016 & 18 October 2016 / 28 March 2017 & 27 June 2017 & 10 October 2018 / 30 May 2018

Meetings with the Dutch partners to share information, get feedback on first findings and plan for the short- and longer term.

Mid-Term Evaluation and Capacity Building (January 2018)

Nairobi & Egerton University, Kenya

After the mid-term evaluation with the Global Challenges Program- NWO Wotro we visited the research locations of Simon Nyokabi and Mercy Mwambi in Kenya.

We continued on to Egerton University for a two-day workshop with our partners there.

Which was very inspiring for both lecturers and participants!





The results are available in this GCP factsheet: gcp2ip-liquid_midterm-factsheet



Presentations at the International Cooperative Association (ICA) 2018 Conference (Wageningen, 4-6 July)

Organized by Jos Bijman and supported by Agriterra, also PhD Mercy Mwambi presented at this event.

More information on ICA 2018 can be found at: https://www.ica2018.nl