Egerton University

Logo KE-Egerton-UniversityEgerton University is the premier agricultural public university in Kenya.

It has a long tradition of dairy development by employing academic and applied research, as well as training programs. Egerton has a dairy training program since 1963, has dairy technology programs at BSc level, and food science and technology programs at MSc and PhD levels.

Wageningen University & Research and Egerton University have ongoing dairy research and capacity development projects. Egerton University co-supervises a PhD student and takes part in training activities within the LIQUID program.


Bockline BebeProfessor Bockline Omedo Bebe                                        Animal Sciences Department, Egerton University, Nakuru, Kenya




Professor Patience MshengaPhot Dr Patience Mshenga                                      Department of Agricultural economics and Agribusiness management, Egerton University, Nakuru, Kenya