Who are we?

We are LIQUID: the Local and International business collaboration for productivity and QUality Improvement in Dairy chains in Southeast Asia and East Africa.

Our program got started because, all over the world, dairy is important for food and nutrition security. In developing countries, dairy chains often perform sub-standard, leading to quality losses, economic inefficiencies, and low sustainability. In an increasing number of countries international food companies are involved in dairy chains.Little is known, however, on the inclusiveness, effectiveness and scalability of these practices.

The LIQUID program seeks to fill this knowledge gap.

We aspire to conduct research, develop capacity and share knowledge on how different business models lead to inclusiveness.Inclusiveness is understood both in term of income opportunities for farmers and workers, and in terms of availability of quality dairy products for consumers in South-East Asia and East Africa.This integrated multidisciplinary project consists of 4 PhD projects and 2 postdoc projects.Included in our programme are analyses at farm level and at chain level.The programme aims to do comparative research; generating insights on best practices of inclusive business models.

Please find a final overview of our facts and activities:https://knowledge4food.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/gcp2ip-liquid_final-factsheet_nw2.pdf